Lohithadas’ most recent film ‘Nivedyam’ would be remade into Kannada. The writer –director, Lohithadas had passed away and thus it was upto his peers to carry on with the film.

The producer of the new movie, Omar Sherif has made an announcement about his plans to remake this film in Kannada. The movie originally is in Malayalam.

There are plans to rope in popular Kannada actor Vijayaraghavendra, to play the character of Vinoo Mohan.

The crew is by now on the lookout for a new face to get someone to play the female lead in the movie. The Kannada version of ‘Nivedyam’ will also be in the identical title and will feature similar sequences approximately in the identical order.

B A Madhu has been assigned to write the Kannada dialogues. The popular songs of the film including the huge hit ‘Kolakuzhal vili Ketto’ would be rerecorded in similar music. This was composed by M Jayachandran. The song is going to include Kannada lyrics. The shooting for the Kannada ‘Nivedhyam’ is probable to start in the month of November at Mysore this year.

All the best to the entire movie crew!!!


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