Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston has got used to her link up rumors with many of her co-stars. The lady has learned well when to react and how to react. The latest link up was with the ‘Cougar Town’ star Josh Hopkins.

Even though Jennifer has not taken it very seriously, Hopkins is feeling hurt. He was quoted saying that it was really weird and hurtful as he has fallen under the trap of such tabloid journalism for the first time. He is now sympathizing with other big stars whose alleged link ups often hit the headlines.

It all started when Jennifer had gone out with him for a dinner in September. Aniston made a guest appearance in her best buddy Courteney Cox’s show ‘Cougar Town’. While shooting together, both the actors dined together and thus giving spice to the gossip mills.

Hopkins has come out openly to proof his innocence and defending his honor. The whole thing was like an eye opener for him. The actor said that he could realize how the publications pick up all the silly things out of nothing and make them news. He added that it easily reaches to internet and blogs these days, thus spreading the rumors like wildfire. He said that he found it very dirty and invasive.

However, Josh is thankful to his ‘Cougar Town’ team, who understands that these are rumors and do not treat them seriously.

Well, we understand how much you are hurt but then why to give so importance such issues if these are not true at all?


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