It was a blast from the past night at the “Dancing with the Stars” when America saw a charming father supporting his daughter at the event. The legendary American stage and screen actor, singer, and dancer, Joel Grey was present at the sets to support his daughter Jennifer Grey, who was famous for her role of Frances “Baby” Houseman in the hit film “Dirty Dancing.” Joe, himself, was very famous for the Money’ scene from Cabaret! The crowd loved them and gave them a huge applause.

Before she stepped into the “Dancing with the Stars” shoes, she had a thorough checkup done.  At the age of 50, it’s absolutely necessary to make sure that nothing goes wrong. In the check up sessions, she addressed the chronic neck problems which she got from a serious car accident years ago and her spinal cord problem.

Years ago, during her spinal cord treatment, the doctors found a suspicious white spot in the MRI scan report and asked her for further consultation. It was later discovered that the spot was cancerous. It was removed.


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