The gorgeous Jennifer Winget, popularly known as Dr. Ridhima, of ‘Dill Mill Gayye’ is our new host of ‘Zara Nachke Dikha’ along with R.J Mantra. But the girl is missing the dancing phase when she was a contestant of ‘Zara Nachke Dikha’ season 1last year.

“I am really missing my dancing bit as for last year I was not an anchor but one of the contestants on the show. In fact, when I came here for the first time this year for anchoring, I got emotionally low as it was the same place where along with my girls team, I had set the stage on fire. But never mind, it is a great feeling for me to come back, even though not for performing but at least for anchoring. And in some or the other way, I will be in the loop again,” quips Jennifer.

Jennifer goes on, “At least there will be a good feeling that I am still part of the show, with same production house, on same set. And for this time the people with whom I am working with are great and sweet ones, so it will not be too stressful for me. And as I love anchoring it will be a reliever for me from my schedules.”

As ZND is battle of sexes, whom will you join hands with? “Of course, Girls, even for last year I was pro towards fairer sex and the same goes for this year.” signs off Jennifer.

But frankly speaking, Jennifer, you will not really miss dancing as you can always throw a move or two while anchoring too!


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