When it’s turning to be a box office clash between the reigning actors, Jeeva makes it a point to draw more audiences for his films. As a matter of fact, he has been one amongst many actors, who has universal audiences following him. It is precisely because of the kind of scripts, he chooses. Having proved of his success with exceptional roles in Ram, Ee and Kattradhu Tamizh, he moved to commercial films.

At the moment, he has completed shooting for a couple of films – Singam Puli and KO, which are scheduled to hit the  screens by next month. Singam Puli features him in dual roles, that of a lawyer and fisherman while he plays the role of a photo journalist in K.V. Anand’s KO.

His other film Vandhaan Vendraan, set in the backdrops of Mumbai features him as a professional boss and is touted to be a crime-thriller. The film is directed by Kannan, who has already made super-hit films Jayam Kondan and Kanden Kadhalai (remake of Hindi blockbuster Jab We Met).

Jeeva portrays the role of a youngster, looking for a job in the Railways.

The sleepless actor doesn’t feel drained even after working so hard on so many projects at the same time. Says Jeeva: ‘Since the role I play completely varies from one another, it is really an interesting task to take it on . I have completed shooting for Ko and Singam Puli. Roudram is being shot in Chennai at night and Vandhaan Vendraan is moving at its own pace. I have been offered a role in Shankar’s ‘3 Idiots’ remake and it will be announced soon.


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