Veteran Malayalam actor Jagathy Sreekumar will be seen in a totally different and new role in his next Malayalam movie titled Rajuvum Ammayum. The talented and versatile actor, who has never acted in any language film other than Malayalam, will show again his caliber in acting in this movie, where he will play a mentally challenged person.

Jegathy as a mentally challenged person will be shown being taken care of by his mother. The movie is based on the real life story of a man called Raju and his mother, who lived in Thenkinkkad Maithanam, Thrissur for years after being thrown out of their home in Mumbai by her daughter. Following this, the mother and son had to take shelter in the streets and managed to live with the foods provided by some good people but they never begged till their death. This story was published in many newspapers and is now going to be shown in the big screen.

Veteran actor Sukumari will play the role of the mother in the movie, which will be directed by Devarajan. This real life story will be scripted for the movie by Madambu Kunjikuttan. Rafeeq Ahmed has penned the lyrics, which will be composed as songs by M Jayachandran, a notable musician in the Malayalam film industry.

The other characters in the movie will be played by actors Urmila Unni, Shivaji Guruvayoor and Anoop Menon.


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