He’s got a broken thumb but that hasn’t deterred Karan Kundra from achieving his goal on Zara Nachke Dikha.

“This time, the bar has been raised much higher on Zara… The level of competition is much more. These little injuries are bound to happen when you give more than 100 percent,” said a daring Kundra.

Daredevilry is nothing new for the actor, who claims to have been survived as many 13 major accidents.

“The broken thumb is nothing. I’ve had as many as 13 major accidents in my life. The most severe one occurred in 2004 when I was in college. I’d bought a new car. The front tyres usually burn out fast. Thus after a while, you interchange the tyres so as to make even use of them. Often drivers replace the original with the sports tyres. With them, you can’t interchange the tyres as they struggle for grip if put in the wrong side.

I sent my car for service at the garage. Without informing me, the mechanic changed the tyres. I was speeding at 140 kmph and as I stepped on the brake, the car refused to stop. At that speed, I invariably ended up crashing at high speed. The car was damaged badly. Miraculously, I didn’t suffer any fracture or any fatal injuries. That’s been the case all 13 times.”

After so many accidents, why does he still risk his life? And what must be going through his mother’s heart every time he met with an accident?

“It’s the adrenalin rush which makes you take risks. As for my mother, she’s isn’t even aware of some my injuries. If she comes to know that I’ve broken my thumb, she would go crazy and simply ask me to pack my bags and come home. Please don’t tell this to my mom,” said Kundra.

Trust us Karan, we surely won’t tell a word to your mom.


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