Along with Alekh-Sadhana’s love track in ‘Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai’, the show will pop another surprise package to grip the viewers’ attention. Malti Bhabhi has been distresses about her child being kidnapped and is blaming Anand (Rahul Preenja) for the same. But guys the reality is something different. Read more to find out.

A source informs, “The actual kidnapper of the baby is none other than Malti’s husband Vineet, who actually plans the incident to make Malti realize the pain of parting with her child. So due to this Vineet takes the child and keeps it with Sadhana (Sara Khan) but as Malti breaks down in the despair, Sadhana brings her child to her saying that she cant bare Malti’s gloom any more and thus the entire secret is revealed.”

“Realizing this, Malti pleads for forgiveness from her mother-in-law, Kaushalya (Vibha Chibber).” adds source.

We called Ashita Dhawan but she remained unavailable.

Apparently, Vineet has applied the tried and tested tit-for-tat formula as an eye opener for his wife.


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