Exams are over, results are out, and summer vacation has arrived, but the children of Gokul Dham Society are no where to be seen! Contrary to what one might expect, Tapu and his Sena are all cooped up indoors, busy with their computer games and video games, and the kids don’t seem to be interested in coming outdoors and playing at all. This very thing has become a matter of concern for the older generation here.

The show, which always aims to give out some sort of social message with all its tracks, has come up with yet another story to encourage kids to indulge and participate in more outdoor activities.

A source close to the show informed TellyCafe, “As Tapu Sena is busy with video games and computer games and are not giving much importance to outdoor games and activities, all the Gokul Dham Society members have decided to re-introduce them to the games that they used to play in their childhood, such as Gilli-Danda, Lagori, Kho-Kho, Hide and Seek, Marbles, etc. It starts out as something the adults are doing for the kids, but ultimately the adults get into it themselves. For the first time ever, Jethalal (Dilip Joshi) and Bhide (Mandar Chandwadkar), who are always at odds in the show, will come together and play well with each other.”

The team of Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma has come up with this idea as they feel that this generation of kids is completely cut off from the kind of fun that older generations used to have. Plus, staying indoors and neglecting outdoor physical activities is extremely unhealthy for children, and this habit must be nipped at the bud.

“This will be one more effort by the creators of ‘Taraak Mehta..’ to try and bridge the gap between two generations, as well as cultivate good habits in children. The main motive to re-introduce young kids to these games is to convey that a sense of unity and sportsmanship develops among youngsters in outdoor sports and games and that being indoors all the time is not healthy.”

This fun filled episode airs next week on SAB TV.


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