Ali Merchant wedding on Bigg Boss is a farce. We have proof in the form of interviews with at least 5 of the couple’s best friends from tellyland who have clarified on record that the couple married last year. They have since been living together as husband and wife. The entire wedding – sangeet, mehendi, nikah, etc etc on Bigg Boss 4 is scripted, pre-planned and is just like one would see on any other TV serial or Bollywood film – the lead pair getting married on screen. It’s not reality at all, but a pre-scripted drama, enacted by the actors, edited with a deferred telecast.

Our earlier article (see posts below) on “Where would Sara Khan and Ali Merchant spend their first night together” doesn’t really matter as the couple have already been living together even before they tied the knot last year.

Has Colors managed to fool most of India with the entire shaadi drama? Or has Bigg Boss lost its flavour for spontaneity and transformed into a pre-decided drama or TV soap?


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