he Ranbir Kapoor – Deepika Padukone love story does not seem to reach its end anytime soon in the future. Leggy lass Deepika may have vented her anger sitting on Karan Johar’s couch and subsequently changed relationships among many within the Bollywood fraternity, but Ranbir Kapoor is unfazed. And if his attitude towards Deepika Padukone is anything to go by, the Kapoor lad is also in the mood of reconciliation!

Though this may sound unbelievable, Ranbir Kapoor was reportedly spotted in front of Deepika Padukone’s building on several occasions following the popular ‘Koffee With Karan’ spat. Reports in the media claim that Ranbir Kapoor was photographed in front of the Cozy Home Apartments building where Deepika Padukone puts up in Mumbai in the late hours of the night. According to these reports, Ranbir Kapoor could be seen repeatedly calling up Deepika Padukone and urging the security guard of the building to allow him to enter his ex girlfriend’s home. However, the guard on duty could not do so because according to a rule of the Cozy Home Apartments, anybody is not allowed to enter without the permission from the owners!

So did Ranbir Kapoor move away a loser? Not at all, in true filmy style, the Kapoor boy stood adamant in front of Deepika Padukone’s house constantly ringing her to receive access. A source who was present in the area when the incident took place at around 12.45 am in the night has said in a statement to the media that he overheard Ranbir Kapoor pleading to Deepika Padukone to let him enter her home so that he may be able to explain his situation. Well, we are not really sure what he had to explain considering that he has already spoilt his image by admitting that he really cheated on former girlfriend Deepika during his chat on ‘Koffee With Karan’.

Last heard, Deepika Padukone did let him enter when he refused to stop creating a fuss but not after more than half an hour of public drama. Did they kiss and make up inside? Watch this space for more!


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