He tormented Nakusha in the past until the girl found a savior in Duttabhai. Perhaps, Nakusha must have thought that she’s seen the last of Inspector More. However, bad cop More, played by Pawan Malhotra, will return to Laagi Tuhjse Lagan in near future.

A source informs, “More’s character aroused a lot of interest among the viewers. Though negative, More had a certain sense of humour about him. In the last episode, Duttabhai beat him up real bad. However, that’s not the end of him. He will surely comeback into the show again to avenge his humiliation. He still hasn’t given up on Nakusha.”

An actor requesting anonymity says, “I don’t how and when he’ll return, but I’ve heard that Pawan Malhotra will be coming back for a short period again.”

Despite repeated attempts, Pawan Malhotra remained unavailable for comment.


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