On January 13, Bollywood hunk Imran Khan celebrated his first birthday after marriage. His wife Avantika also left no stones unturned to make her hubby’s birthday memorable. Imran is a great fan of the Pakistani rock band ‘Strings’ and Avantika knew it well. So, on the special she arranged a performance by this band.

Imran was clueless about the surprise but all the family members knew about it but they kept it secret from her. The newlyweds were in Thailand along with their family members at a resort in Khao Lak Island.

A source was quoted saying that Imran was informed by Avantika that a band will perform live at the seaside barbeque but he never thought it would be of his favourite band ‘Strings’. So, he was more than delighted to see the band in front of him. Imran joined them on the stage and enjoyed some beats with them.

Imran said that it was one of his best birthdays till today and he had a lot of fun with family and the band. It is known that the band ‘Strings’ stayed with the couple for a few days before leaving the country.

We must say the doting wife knows well how to please her star husband.


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