Marathi is the flavour of the season. Ekta Kapoor has certainly proved her Maharastrian credentials with Pavitra Rishta and Bairi Piya. Just add one more to show to this list.

Imagine TV today unveiled Balaji Telefilms’ latest show Sarvagunn Sampann. This is the story of Swara Rajay Deshmukh, a young Marathi girl who earns her daily bread through Lavani dance. Pooja Bose, a.k.a Vrinda of Tuhj Sangh Preet Lagayi Sajna fame, plays Swara. Marathi artists Sunita Rao and Pramod Powar play Swara’s parents. The show is based in Kolhapur.

Along with the three leading actors, producer Ekta Kapoor too graced the occasion. Ekta was asked why she didn’t pick a Marathi girl to play a Maharashtian character.

“We did audition a lot of Marathi girls. However, we were looking for a girl with a Konkani look. Though a Bengali, Bose’s face and skin suited the character. She can speak Marathi too,” said Kapoor.

Pooja Bose said the she’s been a Mumbaikar all her life and even spoke in Marathi too prove her point.

Sarvagunn Sampann goes on air from 11 May at 7.00 pm on Imagine TV.


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