This pretty lass seems to have managed quite a favoritism in the Balaji camp and with Sarvagunna Sampanna being her third show with the production house she definitely looks like she’s here to stay. So we at TellyCafe roped in the cute faced actress and set her chit chatting all about herself and her current show. Here’s what she has to say…

You have shot for Sarvagunna Sampanna in Kolhapur for a considerable period of time, how has the experience been?

It’s been a very different experience. It has really helped me to prepare for the role since I got to observe the culture and the way of life first hand. The way the people dress, the way they speak, their body language everything. And since these things are very intricately incorporated in the show, I got to learn a lot through observation.

How were you as a student?

I was a very bright student always. I have always been a first ranker, in fact if ever I scored a little less and got the second or the third rank I used to feel very bad. As for college I haven’t really experienced college life since I studied from correspondence. I was also doing my Aviation and Hospitality Diploma from an Air Hostess Training Academy.

What according to you sets you apart from the rest?

Its my unending dedication which sometimes goes to the extent of stubbornness. It may be bad. But if I decide on doing something, come what may I do not give up.

What according to you qualifies you for the role of Swara in Sarvagunna Sampanna?

May be the production house and my producers Ekta maam and Shobha maam found that I suited the look and would fit well into the role of a Maharashtrian girl with good looks. They also wanted a good performer and since I have done two shows with Balaji they know my potential as a performer and thought I was capable enough to do the role.

One on-screen role you would love to play…?

I loved the role that Sridevi played in Sadma. It is a very challenging role for any actress to play and if given the chance I would love to play it.

How close are you to Swara?

Very much. It’s only my costume and the hairstyle that is not the same as Swara’s. I am also personally very down to earth and simple like Swara. I have immense faith in God and love my parents. You can say I’m totally an Indian traditional girl just like Swara. But I like to party and Swara does not, so guess that’s a difference. (she laughs).

Your ultimate ambition..?

My ambition is to become a successful actor, obviously, but I’m also very much interested in direction. So maybe in the future if I get a chance I would surely try.

What is it you can learn from Swara?

Swara has this amazing quality of being amazingly patient at all times and under all circumstances. Personally, as Pooja I’m not a very patient person, but Swara is a very patient girl and handles everything with good understanding in a mature way. Her mother wants her daughter to get married in a respectable and rich family but she knows that it is not very practical to expect something like that, especially since she belongs to a profession which is not considered respectable. So, as a daughter she makes her mother understand that, which shows that she is very matured.

What is the main message conveyed through Sarvagunna Sampanna?

Every woman should learn from Swara’s character; how she is so confident about her work and without caring what people have to think about her work. She knows that she is not doing anything wrong and she can lead her life according to herself. So Sarvagunna Sampanna gives a very strong message to every woman to have faith and confidence in oneself.


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