BIG FM that happens to be the radio media of Reliance Broadcast Network has collaborated with Idea Cellular, which is the pan India mobile operator in order to present the Idea Bangla Music Awards 2010 to the masses.

According to Mr. Arjun Sing Baran, Idea Bangla Music Awards 2010 aims to provide a premium platform so as to recognize and celebrate the exceptional talent that exists in Bangla Music. Mr. Baran is from the Reliance Broadcast Idea Big Bangla Music Awards 2010 Network.

He further credits Bengal as the birthplace of a quantity of awesome music and musical legends; however the music hasn’t yet got the recognition that it so richly deserves.

Thus the corporate biggies, 92.7 BIG FM and Idea Cellular are starting the ‘show’ in order to find out the hidden musical talent of Bengal. Mr. Aloke Mallik, the CEO of the Eastern Idea Cellular, said that music is eternal and the Bengali people very much recognize this notion.

Bengali music greats like crooner Usha Uthup, tabla mastro Tanmoy Bose, and music composer Abhijit Bandopadhyay would be judging the competition.


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