Shakti Mohan, a name which was anonymous before Dance India Dance Season 2, is now making waves everywhere. Now that she is the newest Dancing Star in the country after winning the reality show competition, Shakti is the name on everyone’s lips. In an exclusive chat with TellyCafe, Shakti reveals her most memorable moments throughout DID Season 2, her future plans and much more.

What does dance mean to you?

Dance means everything to me, it sounds cliché but it’s true in my case. I think I was made for dancing and nothing else.

Tell us something about your back ground before coming to DID?

I have earned my Masters in Political Science from Mumbai University; I was a bright student and stood third in my college. I was thinking of appearing for I.A.S. but my plans changed after I joined Terrance Sir’s dance academy. I then got serious about dancing, especially contemporary.

How was your journey through DID?

It was great, though tiring as well because we would be rehearsing day and night. It was tough for everyone, but at the same time overwhelming and memorable.

Any memorable moment you had from your journey?

Yes, of course! There are many, but the most touching memory which I will always remember, is when Mr. Amitabh Bachchan graced the stage. I was not expecting that such a great personality would give me a standing ovation. I still remember that his eyes were wet with tears. That was a big moment for me, something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Who was your guru before coming to DID?

It has to be Terrance Sir, like I said. Before coming on DID I was with Terrance Sir’s dancing institute.

What was the first feeling that came to you when you heard your name announced as the winner?

I was shocked! I don’t think I could even hear any thing when Jay and Saumya announced the winner. I felt as if I had gone deaf, I couldn’t hear my name. But as I saw Terrance Sir jumping, I sensed that I am the winner…. but I was still feeling that it’s a dream. I was honestly not expecting to hear it and there was nothing I could do to prepare for such a surprise. The victory was unbelievable.

How confident were you about your victory?

Well, I was confident that my audiences had voted for me but at the same time I was not sure about getting the most votes, as all of us had performed well and anyone could have been the winner.

If not you then who could have been the winner?

Actually anyone amongst four of us, Dharmesh, Binny, Punit, and myself, could have been the winner. We were the four finalists and were appreciated by the audience throughout the season.

Being the first female winner of DID how are you feeling?

I think we have made history! By voting for me, India has proven that even a girl contestant can win a reality show. So far only boys were wining all the reality shows but my victory has changed this trend.

Which is your most favorite performance on stage and why?

‘Khuda Jaane’ with Kuwar Amerjeet is my favorite performance on DID’s stage. It was my first performance on stage after which I had received maximum good comments. It was also my first duet and getting good comments for it felt very good.

Tell us about Farah’s and Terrance‘s proposals for you after the victory?

It’s very sweet of Terrance Sir to offer to take me to Paris in July for higher training in Contemporary Dance. It is a great gift and I thank him again for it. I have always dreamt of taking higher training in dance from abroad, but was unable to collect the money needed for it. I was totally unaware of Farah’s proposal and it came like a complete surprise to me.

Your comments on Remo and Geeta as mentors?

Remo D’Souza: He is the sweetest person, very supportive, well spoken, and ready to give suggestions. I am thankful to him for the lovely M.J. band he has given me.

Geeta Ma: She is very caring and always motivates and prepares her gang members. She always suggests what’s right and says, “Beta do this, beta do that”.

Message to your audience!

Ohh! Audiences, you rock. India, you are the winner!

Well, we wish Shakti all the best for her future.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/


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