‘Zara Nachke Dikha’ has changed territory and moved to a premier channel. The switch to Star Plus meant viewers will get to see bigger stars and bigger jury too. Shilpa Shetty and Arshad Warsi were among the first join ZND. Choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant came in as a late replacement for Ganesh Hegde.

TellyCafe’s Tejashree Bhopatkar caught with Merchant at the show’s press conference. Excerpts:

Zara Nachke Dikha 2 is billed as a battle of sexes. Looking at the jury panel, it seems the fairer sex has already won the battle?

No, I am the neutral one. I won’t take anyone’s side as I am here to do justice. I’m sure my co-judges feel the same way. If some from boy’s side performs well, I will give them good comments.

There are three different personalities on the judge’s panel; will they differ in their opinions?

We three are going to judge the contestants differently. I will be looking into all the technicalities of the shows like lights, usage of props, stage, choreography, etc whereas Shilpa and Arshad will see the other side of the performances like beats, costumes, expressions. But finally we three are here to judge the best.

Who according to you is the weak side, boys or girls?

There is no weak team as each and every one has its own style and capacity. The grace and expressions which girls can do better cannot be expected from boys while the energy from the boys can’t be matched by the girls. So, we are here to see who is doing it best. For example, if one step is given by me to the boy’s team, all of them will do it but the style will differ and one who does it best shall win. As judges we’re looking for such performance.

What according to you is a complete performance?

Adding spice to a performance is the thing which will make us happy. As any one can do the trained step but what appeals to audience and me as a judge is adding a technique to it. Why Madhuri and Sridevi’s performances were liked by people? The reason is because, they had always added a magic from their own side to the step which made their performances outstanding.

Who did you think is today’s Madhuri and Sridevi ?

(Pauses and then ponders). No one!

Merchant then breaks into a smile.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/Sampurn


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