Finding true love is a difficult task for many, but according to a new study, the hunt for perfect partner would be more effective if people pick someone based on what they do for a living.

According to dating website eHarmony, careers can impact your quest for love and the most compatible subjects were those with completely different careers.

The study also revealed that female teachers were found to be most attracted to firemen while unemployed men were most compatible with female personal trainers.

“Chemistry has nothing to do with how similar your backgrounds are. The more different kinds of guys a woman will let herself get involved with, the more likely she is to find that great chemistry that’s the only reliable predictor of a satisfying, long-lasting relationship,” the Daily Mail quoted Mira Kirshenbaum, author of ‘Is He Mr. Right? Everything You Need to Know Before You Commit’ as telling

“When it comes to who’s talking to who, most people are looking to talk to someone who does something different than themselves,” a spokesperson for eHarmony said.

However, some critics highlighted that pairs with different careers often experience problems later down the line. (ANI)


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