Late Heath Ledger, (1979- 2008), the popular television and movie star, who is well remembered for his stellar performances in movies like Brokeback MountainCasanovaThe Brothers Grimm etc will be given a planned tribute by his family and friends in Perth Australia on the 12th of February this year.

The 28 year old star who had been found lying on his bed in his apartment in New York with an overdose of pills had fallen prey to his untimely death on the 22nd of January 2008.

To pay him respects and to give tribute to him in a much more planned way, this tribute is being planned. Reports in popular tabloids suggest that the demised star’s dad Kim Ledger had confirmed through his spokesperson that this tribute was indeed going to be held in his native Australia and the sale proceeds from it would be donated to a charity organization.

Further reports suggest that the star’s academy winning film The Dark Knight is scheduled to be screened and even the sale proceeds from this would be donated to the Performing Arts Organization down under.

Amongst other very distinguished guests and personalities, there are reports that Sienna Miller, the star’s co actress in the movie Casanova and his good friend supermodel Gemma Ward are expected to grace the special tribute to be paid to the very talented star who left quite suddenly leaving a void in his family, friends and fan’s hearts.


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