Director Guruprasad’s first animation movie titled Idhu Bombe Atavayya in Kannada is going to be premiered on the Kasthuri Kannada channel on November 14 i.e. on ‘Children day’.

Speaking about the movie, Guruprasad said that the animation film is of two hours and twenty minutes duration and he is very glad, that it would be telecast by the channel, on the children’s day. The movie has been dubbed in many other languages.

In Sandalwood, Idhu Bombe Atavayya is the first 2D animation film. All the production and process work of the movie was done in Mysore. Guruprasad informed that the movie had an investment of Rs.1.10 crore.

When the director first expressed his desire to make an animation movie in Kannda, many people doubted whether it will be possible in reality. But Guruprasad made it without much fanfare and was cleared by the Censor Board too.

The movie is based on children’s play ‘Banda Kodangi’. The film used 1.75 lakh sketches out of the 4 lakh sketches were prepared for it. The director informed that the play was only of one hour duration so they modified it for the film version keeping the basis story intact.

The Kasthuri Kannada channel is lucky to get this chance of airing this first Kannada animation film and will surely fetch some good advertisements!


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