Gulaal: Hindi Movie & Cast

The movie Gulaal was released in the year 2009 and was directed by Anurag Kashyap. It was basically an Indian political drama that featured some of the popular names of Bollywood such as Raj Singh Chaudhary, Abhimanyu Singh, Kay Kay Menon, Ayesha Mohan, Deepak Dobriyal, Piyush Mishra, Aditya Srivastava, and Jesse Randhawa. The movie explores several themes that includes quest for legitimacy, pursuit for power, hypocrisy of the powerful, and perceived injustices. The movie is set in present day Rajasthan, which is a northwest state in India. The plot is provided by student politics of a specific university along with a fictitious secessionist movement that consisted of Rajput leaders.

Gulaal Plot

In a faraway town of Rajpur, Dilip, played by Raj Singh Chaudhary, is a Rajput and also a law student, along with his servant Bhanwar, played by Mukesh Bhatt, take hold of a housing in a run-down and old British-era pub. They also meet Ransa or Ranajay Singh, played by Abhimanyu Singh, here at the old pub. Ransa is a prince who does not support the aristocracy and ideologies of his father. His fearless and straightforward personality seems to have a positive effect on the timid mannered Dilip.

Dilip gets ragged at the university hostel by a gang of goons led by Jadwal, played by Pankaj Jha. He gets stripped and thrown in a room where he finds Anuja, played by Jesse Randhawa, a young lecturer in the same university. Although both are released naked, Dilip’s brother asks him to ignore the incident stating that situations were similar during his times also. However, Ransa disagrees and asks Dilip to avenge the act. This leads to several action scenes between the duo and the gang who had ragged Dilip.

The duo meet Dukey Banna, played by Kay Kay Menon, who is a local figure trying to gather some support for the Rajputana separatist movement. He gives his consent to the dup to injure Jadwal. However, things do not go according to plan and ultimately Banna had to intervene in order to save Dilip and Ransa. Banna also convinces Ransa to compete in the General Secretary Elections against his sister Kiran, played by Ayesha Mohan.

Ransa gets kidnapped by Karan, played by Aditya Srivastava, who wishes Ransa to withdraw from the elections. In the argument that follows, Karan kills Ransa and Banna convinces Dilip to take the place of Ransa. A lot of chaos follows once Dilip falls in love with Kiran and the latter gets pregnant. Anuja also tries to convince Dilip that Kiran does not believe in any type of relationship. Dilip resigns from his post, which leaves Banna highly frustrated.

College politics takes a bad turn once Banna gets killed by Dilip. He also finds out that he was being used by Kiran. Ultimately Dilip gets badly shot and finally dies. Karan, finally becomes the head of the Rajputana movement and Kiran takes a side seat. The movie will make you watch till the end in one breath and all the actors have done a great job in the movie.


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