‘Glee’ men have reportedly been offered 100,000 dollars to pose for Playgirl magazine.

Following a racy GQ spread featuring the show’s stars Lea Michelle, Cory Monteith, and Dianna Agron that caused quite a stir-namely cries of pedophilia from the Parents Television Council-Playgirl magazine is ready to take on the guys of “Glee.”

Chord Overstreet, the actor who plays the show’s new blond quarterback dreamboy, may be offered as much as 100,000 dollars to pose for “Playgirl,” according to E! Online.

“And he doesn’t even have to take it all off,” the New York Daily News quoted a rep for the magazine as saying about the 21-year-old’s potential spread.

He isn’t the only “Gleek” the mag wants, however. The rep also said they are targeting actor Mark Salling, who plays Puck on the show.

“We would definitely want him. We would be very willing to pay for them both…up to 100 thousand,” said the rep.

“And it wouldn’t have to be fully X-rated, either.”

The GQ photo spread of Agron, Monteith, and Michele is still causing controversy, and now the guys of ‘Glee’ are also being offered a spread in Playgirl.

So, will it be an early Christmas for the female fans of “Glee”? Salling at least joked that he is on board.

“Wow. Really? A 100 thousand to keep my clothes on? I’ll only do it if I can take my clothes off,” Salling laughed upon being told of the offer at the release party for his new album “Pipe Dreams.” (ANI)


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