Film and book critic Gene Shalit is finally ready to step off the pedal. It has been long for the 85 year old, as he retired from NBC’s ‘The Today Show’, where he served as a film critic for the past 41 years. Don’t forget to catch ‘The Today Show’s’ tribute to the legendary critic.

The man has left a mark on the audience with his trademark styling. Be it the mighty handlebar moustache or the colorful bowties, he flaunts a style of his own. He started his career with ‘The Today Show’ on the 15th of January 1973 and since then has become an icon. The dude is famous for his clever talks and excellent use of puns in his statements.

When Shalit was asked about his decision of retiring from ‘The Today Show’, he was quoted as saying “It’s enough already”.

The man will surely be missed and there would certainly be no one to fill his shoes. Yes may be there will a new critic, but there won’t be another Gene Shalit.


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