Hui Sabse Parayi’ is indeed one of the most-watched shows of Star One. And now, with Star One extending all its primetime daily soaps to Saturday also, all of them will vouch for the attention of its viewers who otherwise used to shift their attention to other shows leaving back the 5-day soap schedule for a 2-day break.

‘Geet – Hui Sabse Parayi’ saw one of its most dramatic episodes on air yesterday. It was a climax scene of some sorts as Naintara, the wicked wife of Dev decided to kill Geet’s baby by pushing her down from the first floor of the house where a party was thrown by Naintara’s friend, Pindi Queen. Naintara has been up to this act for quite some time now. After many failed attempts she was firm that she will do this harmful and cruel act on that day itself. By laying a trap she invited Geet upstairs and after having a heated argument with her, pushed her so that she falls, unable to balance herself. She put forth a different side of her character in front of the other characters present at the party. She behaved as if she was saving Geet from falling but instead helped her in falling down.

At that moment Maan appeared on the scene and helped Geet from falling down, thus saving the baby. Naintata was shown leaving the party but Maan confronted her. Geet put the blame on Naintara and revealed her truth. On this, Naintara on account of gaining sympathy from the other characters put back the blame on Geet that she has ruined her family and cheated on her. She has no right to do all this. On this, Maan got furious and broke a glaas unable to control his temper and smeared Geet’s forehead with his blood.

Everyone deserted Naintara after knowing her truth and Geet and Maan was shown leaving the party.

Tune in to ‘Geet-Hui Sabse Parayi’ tonight to catch the drama at 9.30 PM on Star One.

– Sampurn Wire


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