All evil things come to an end, so had Naintara, whose real face came out in front of everyone and her friend Sweety also lost faith in her. Now, after the failed attempt to kill Geet and her baby, Naintara is exposed and no one supports her. Feeling dejected by everyone, she attempts suicide!

It will sound unusual to the viewers of ‘Geet Hui Sabse Parayi’ because she is also seen as a very strong and cunning woman, who never accepts defeat. But she consumes poison this time after everyone leaves her alone. She has already lost the faith of her husband Dev, who has now grown closer with his buddy Meera.

In the coming episodes, Naintara will break down and will try to take her life. However, this is definitely not going to be the end as the show must go on! There is a report that actor Mohit Malik will enter the Star One’s popular show as Naintara’s brother Arjun. He comes to know about the plight of his sister and wants to help her out.

Karishma Randheva aka Naintara has not commented on this development but Dev aka Abhinav Shukla has said that he hopes his on screen wife learns something from this and forgets to take revenge on Maan and Geet.

Following the entry of Naintara’s brother, the fans of ‘Geet’ can expect some interesting twists in the tale because Naintara will again get a support and she might get back to her usual problem creating habits for Geet once again!

–Sampurn Wire


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