The old saying goes that “when there is a will there is a way”. Well, it seems to be true in the case of actors Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford. In an interview Flockhart remarked that they are both happy to have tied the knot as they are optimistic about their future. Flockhart is happy and feels that they will both act responsibly when it comes to make the marriage work.

Flockhart got hitched to Ford last year .They both feel that their relationship has become all the more better after they have both tied the knot. They are extremely happy with each other and deep down. They both feel that their relationship is for keeps.

Flockhart added that they seem to have taken things in their stride during any heated arguments between them. Flockhart also remarked that initially she was hesitant about the huge age difference between them as they have an age difference of about 22 years. Flockhart could not decide on whether to continue a relationship with Ford as she was several years younger to him. Hover Flockhart had to give in as she fell in love with Ford.

Flockhart is also of the opinion that they might have to encounter some issues related to their age in the future but so far the things seem to be bright on the domestic front. Flockhart never loses any opportunity to be playful with Ford when she reminds him of his age. However, Ford does not seem to mind that.


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