As reported earlier by sources that for the last time when Star Parivaar celebrated Holi in March, Shiju Kataria aka Smriti of Behenein was not on the list of invitees. Surprisingly, the other three sisters in the Behenein line-up were not only invited, but also seen frolicking at the event. Now, when Star Parivaar Awards are around the corner, Star organized another small Holi celebration, and this time, Shiju was invited to the event.

Talking about the experience Shiju says, “It was great being there with every one right from the beginners of Star Parivaar till today’s generation and we had a gala time in Panvel. My onscreen sisters and I had a blast playing Holi. The color was so strong that even today I appear multi-colored!”

Shiju adds, “In the evening, after playing Holi, there was a shoot where we all were required to be clean and color-free but as because of afternoon’s masti, we had to apply double layered make-up. But I finally, enjoyed Star Plus’s Holi.”

Well Shiju, it’s never too late! What if it wasn’t the real Holi, but you finally played Holi in the off season!


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