There’s never been a barrier to one’s imagination. You are free to look at things from your perspective. The world will say that earth is in the shape of a sphere, but you can term it round.

Taking cue from the above line, TellyCafe decided to tinker with some of the popular ‘faces’ of television. Ever thought that Parizad Kolah would have looked as good as Hina Khan for the role of Akshara? Or how about Hina Khan looking sizzling hot in a sexy outfit.

It might well be an eye sore but what’s the harm in visualizing. Let’s have a look then

Hina Kolah and Parizad Khan

On the face of it, they are as different as chalk and cheese. One is a sexy diva, while the other is doing bahu of television. Though, one thing that they have in common is a 100 watt smile. Wearing a traditional Hindu wedding saree doesn’t rob Parizad of her sexiness. Similarly, Hina Khan’s fans too would love to see her in a sexy look.

Amoli, Sia: Suffer for life

There’s a lot common between Sia and Amoli. All their ills emanate from their sasural. One is at the mercy of a sleazy Thakur, while the other paid the price by marrying her nemesis’ son. While Amoli is an illiterate and backward girl, Sia is a doter who was duped by her con husband. Post their marriage; both have been reduced to being servants in the house.

Anandi Archana: Choti bahu; badi bahu

If you believe in balika vadhu, then Anandi is the most desirable choti bahu. Similarly, Archana stands out as the girl-next-door, one that you’ll like to take home to your mother. Over the last 6-7months, Anandi’s conjoined brows have got thicker, almost showing of her growing age. On the other hand, Archana is looking as fresh as ever.

How about a role reversal?

Black and White

Opposites attract. We aren’t talking of any girly liaison between Parul Chauhan and Sanaya Irani. It’s just that we want to see how the two would look in each other’s character. A Parul in specks will be a spectacular sight. Similarly, one has never seen Sanaya in a bridal wear. This visual may not please all, but we love the sight.

Desi girls

Ichcha (Sparsh) and Geet (Drasthi), both poor but ambitious girls. Their big round eyes reflect their innocence. On close examination, they look quite similar despite their age difference. Perhaps, Drashti would have been ideal face to play the adult Ichcha. She’s also wouldn’t mind playing with little Ichcha’s second hand doll (toy).


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