Mumbai, May 3: The dreaded mafia don Manya Surve may play spoil sport to disturb the friendship between Ekta Kapoor and Karan Johar. The notorious gangster happened to be the victim of a cop by the name of Ishaad Bhagwaan way back in 1982.

Both the producers are in the process of displaying the dreaded criminal of Mumbai at the apex of their films. Karan Johar’s remake of ‘Agneepath’ and Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Shootout at Wadala’ are likely to revolve around the same criminal. The common element in both the films is giving rise to the buzz that vibes between the two may make way for enmity. S. Hussein Zaidi’s book ‘Dongri to Dubai’ also traces the journey of this notorious figure.

Encounters between cops and that of the murky underworld are the common occurrences in Mumbai. It is thus natural that the film makers will go for the grim portrayals of the underworld led by powerful dons.  Speaking from a strictly professional angle, the common characterization of Manya Surve should not be the cause of a rift.

Both the films are yet to be released, so there won’t be any chances of imitation. In the wake of both going for the same character, it will be interesting to find out the unique attributes of the notorious villain.


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