Dog owners are getting back at their naughty pooches by posting their mischievous pictures in a “dogshaming” gallery on the internet.

The Tumblr blog has been flooded with pictures of mischievous dogs all accompanied by signs detailing their bad behaviour.

The gallery features everything, from a pug that digs up gardens and has a tendency to bite to a mournful looking canine, who ate a whole stick of butter while his owner’s back was turned, the Daily Mail reported.

Canines with a habit of leaving their mess in unfortunate locations seemed most likely to incur the wrath of their owners, with bad toilet behaviour featuring heavily in the gallery of shame.

It’s not just dogs who have had their photographs posted online for all to see – cat owners are getting in on the act too.

One sleepy-eyed feline was photographed next to a sign that read: “I ate all the string cheese.”

Another exasperated owner posted a photo of his pet with a sign that read: “I was a bad dog – again.”(ANI)


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