World’s largest electronic dance music festival Sunburn made it large with DJ Tiesto playing for his fans at Noida.

With great anticipation, the DJ set the stage on fire with his energetic trans music.

Along with 100,000 watts of sound, the show-incorporated special effects including visuals and smoke, with over huge LED screens and great lighting installations.

Shailendra Singh, Joint Managing Director-Percept Limited, who was largely impressed by the DJ’s music, described the event as magical.

“Sunburn always creates magic but to have a DJ like Tiesto who is the God father of trans music, he does trans, he does the popular music and he is the man of Glamour,” he said.

“Sunburn has been doing that from last 7 years what we try and do is beyond the DJ and Music, we try and create an experience of sound, technology and special effects. So that people just go back and mesmerize and I think that’s what is making the difference. And that’s why Sunburn is among the top 5 in the world and people are recognizing a brand that is being created in India and now being exported,” he added.

The crowd went mad and danced for the whole night on the beats of Tiestos special trans music making it once in a life time experience for them. (ANI)


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