UTV Bindass’ ‘Emotional Atyachar’ has become a tool for an individual to secretly gauge the loyalty of his/her partner. Many an individual has been caught with his pants down, literally, thereby saving an innocent from being duped.

Such spying looks real with ordinary people but when celebrities come on board, it invariably leads to speculation on whether the act is rigged. The show had earlier embarrassed Raja Chaudhary after his infidelity cost him his relationship with fiancé Shraddha Sharma.

This time, it’s the blabbering that it was Rahul Mahajan who was subject to an Emotional Atyachar by his wife Dimpy Ganguly.

Strangely, Ganguly won over Rahul through a swaymavar, and barely few months after their marriage, she chose to do an emotional atyachar on her man.

The rationale given is that Mrs. Mahajan has long heard about Rahul’s alleged philandering ways. She wants her hubby to be ridded of the Casanova tag, thus she approaches the team of emotional atyachar.

Well, all that is fine, but the presence of Dimpy’s swayamvar competitor Nikunj Mallick in the spy act does raise a few brows. After all, Nikunj was snubbed by Rahul in the swayamvar. Her intentions behind the spy act seem dubious.

It so happens that Rahul Mahajan and Nikunj Mallick bump into each other at pool side of a hotel. After a brief interaction, Mallick introduces Rahul to Priyanka Nandi – an EAT (Emotional Atyachar team) agent. As soon as Mallick leaves the scene, Rahul starts getting cozy with Nandi. Another EAT agent steps in and Mr. Mahajan is at his tricks again. Dimpy was shocked to see her husband’s theatrics.

Will this now lead to a break-up between the newly weds. We tried calling Dimpy but she remained unavailable for comment.

When contacted, Mallick said, “I’m under a contract with the channel. I’m not authorised to speak on it. You’ll have to watch the episode to see the truth.”

A channel insider accidentally claimed that the final act is yet to be shot. This immediately begs the question that why would a candid camera show require a final shot. After all, isn’t all such footage spontaneous in nature?

An individual closely associated with the act says, “You (media) guys are very intelligent and you know how it all takes place. I don’t need to say anything. You can draw your own conclusion.”

Whatever the show might reveal, there will be no threat to Rahul and Dimpy’s marriage. Nevertheless, don’t forget to watch Emotional Atyachar at 11.00 pm on 30 April on UTV Bindass.


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