Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao is making her directorial debut with the movie Dhobi Ghat and the lady is quite focused and confident about what she wants to highlight in the movie.

Rao admits that the movie is a small budget one and she even could not afford to pay Aamir, who is also the producer of the film apart from starring in it.

Kiran has written the screenplay of Dhobi Ghat and says that she wanted to capture the multiple layers of the Mumbai city and wanted to show how people coming from multiple cities survive within this big metro city. For this, Kiran has used different lenses and tools to portray the characters of the film. Rao had fun playing with different media while shooting the film.

The very humble director says that if Aamir would not have produced the movie, she was planning to borrow money from him to make Dhobi Ghat. She would have kept it very small and hired agents from festivals to sell it!

Kiran, further, adds that when she started her career in the industry, she thought only critical acclaim was enough for a film but now after spending about 10 years, she has realized that the commercial success is equally important considering the effort and money involved in making a movie.

Dhobi Ghat has already received critical acclaims at various film festivals and now we hope it also gets commercial success when the film releases on January 21, 2011.


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