Dharmesh Yelande was the name which reverberated in the ground of the Andheri Sports Complex yesterday, at the grand finale of Lux Dance India Dance. Although co-competitor Shakti Mohan won the official title of Dancing Star, while Dharmesh bagged second place, it was he who was actually the real winner of the hearts of everyone present.

Not only did he entertain the judges most, Dharmesh’s performances were also enjoyed thoroughly by his audience as evident by the cheers and roars of applause for him echoing in the entire stadium. And not only during the performances but also while announcing the results between Dharmesh and Shakti, the louder voices were pitching for Dharmesh, rather than Shakti.

Looking at the scenario, anchor Suamya Tondon, before announcing the final result, asked the audience about its opinion for the winner, and Dharmesh’s was heard from everywhere! The poor anchor asked again, but the audience remained indifferent. It was only when she asked a third time that the crowd opted for Shakti, and then the result was announced that Shakti is the winner.

This proves that even though Shakti has been declared as the Dancing Star, it is Dharmesh who won over his audience.

All in all, it was an extremely well contested race, and TellyCafe team wishes Shakti, Dharmesh, Punit and Binny all the best for the future.


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