The story of Imagine TV’s ‘Devi’ will soon be taking a happy turn, but only for a while. As per the track, Lakshmi (Reem) and Suhagi (Deepali Pansare) have run away from home, from the hold of Ghasita (Hemant Pandey). Ghasita uses his daughter, Lakshmi’s, ‘Devi’ status amongst the ignorant villagers, to mint money and has forbidden any education for her.

But Lakshmi and her mother, Suhagi’s, troubles do not end here. They are facing difficulties of their own and on top of that, Ghasita is trying very hard to find them.

A source informs that Ghasita will come to know the truth of their whereabouts after visiting the police station, and will be able to persuade them to return home by making false promises of educating Lakshmi and reforming himself.

‘Suhagi and Lakshmi will fall for, what they think is, Ghasita’s emotional plea and agree to return to home”, adds the source.

The shoot for the same is already done and now the family is concentrating on Charaiya’s wedding. It is reported that a major twist in the plot will happen soon after the wedding.


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