Finally the sequel for the critically acclaimed Deadly Soma is out and it promises to be a unique film in its own right. Deadly 2 marks the reunion of director Ravi Srivastava and actor Audithya as they try to recreate the magic of their previous endeavor.

Just like the prequel, Deadly 2 revolves around the central character of ACP Ashok Kumar as he fights criminals in his own style. The movie has a unique plot and promises to keep the audience at the edge of their seats at all times. All the fight scenes are extremely realistic and provide an authenticity to the movie.

Director Ravi Srivastava deserves kudos for defining every character to the last detail. Cast members Devraj, Ravi Kale, and Praveen play hard hitting encounter specialists with complete accuracy. Audithya is particularly good as an underworld Don who does not care about law and lives by his own rules.

The dialogues of this movie are particularly good and match the rough and tough theme with ease. The exceptional camera work and background music adds a wonderful ambience to the film. Deadly 2 promises to be an out and out action flick and it is must-watch this season.


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