Mother’s Day sure is special, and I bet we’ve all made an effort to make it special for our mothers. Daljit Kaur, too, had planned a super day for her mother, and had also planned to make a surprise trip back home. But unfortunately, her plans had to be shelved, and our girl spent the day in tears.

“I had many surprises for my mom; she had started getting them from morning itself. After all, it was her day. I gifted her a spanking new LCD TV as she is a total TV buff and the only person to watch all the TV serials from all over the world. Apart from the LCD, I also sent her a lot of flowers and a cake. I had even planned to go there (Pune) and surprise her, but I could not go there because of some unforeseen circumstances.” says Daljit.

Adding to it, Daljit says, “Yesterday was not just Mother’s Day for my family as, coincidentally, the 9th of May is also my parents’ wedding anniversary. All my sisters were present over there except for me. Shaleen and I were also supposed to go, but at the last minute, he had to go for his shoot and, well… how could I go without him??? So, I basically spent my whole day crying. I just got very emotional somehow because for the first time I realized how situations can arise when you’re balancing your own grihasti and trying to maintain all other commitments. I felt pretty dejected about missing the day with my family, but I would not want to be there without my husband! Besides, yesterday also marked five months of our own marriage. The only respite I got was that they kept me on speakerphone while they cut the cake and all.”

“My mom and dad loved the gifts but still they kept on saying, ‘it would have been a greater gift for us if you both would have made it back home’,” she sighed.


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