Conan O’Brien’s new set is amazing and spectacular as the giant moon looms behind Coco’s desk when he started the inaugural episode of his new late night show on November 8 on TBS at 11 pm.

On the first episode, Conan offered a nutshell version of his new show to his fans. He started with the question, which is often pointed to him, ‘Conan, what is your new show going to be like?’

A five-minute clip entitled ‘Show Zero’ was shown with the red-headed host doing ‘the fastest talk-show’ ever. Andy Richter, the right hand man announced O’Brien as he walked through the studio offices at Stage 15. Then he enters a conference room, which has a desk, staff members and a guest chair set up before them.

The first guest of Coco was Jim Parsons from ‘The Big Bang Theory’, who shook the host’s hand and took his seat. Parsons said that he felt really wonderful to be in ‘Show Zero’.

The show ended with a dancing taco as O’Brien asked his  fans to watch the show on Monday on TBS. Well, we hope the grand opening continues its success journey in the coming episodes!


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