Telugu actor Sivaji, known for films such as “Missamma” and “Sandade Sandadi”, feels comedy should not be categorised into sub-genres because it limits the viewership.

“Over the years, films have categorised comedy into sub-genres such as adult comedy, romantic comedy etc. Typically, comedy is for all age groups, but with these categories, you’re dividing the audience into smaller groups, thus thinning viewership,” Sivaji told IANS.

Sivaji, who acted in several Telugu comedies over the years, added: “I’ve been very particular about the content in my films. I always ensure to be part of films that appeal to the family audience.”

Currently he is looking forward to Telugu comedy “Gola Gola”, which is releasing this month end. He says the film promises unadulterated entertainment.

“My new film is an out and out comedy entertainer with romantic angle. Comedy in the film is healthy and will definitely appeal to all age groups,” Sivaji said.

Meanwhile, two of Sivaji’s other films – “Gurudu” and “Dakshina Madhya Railway Jattu” – are on the floors.


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