Govinda is ready to return to the small screen as a judge for a new TV reality show ‘Indian Model Hunt 2013’.

Talking about the show, the 49-year-old star, who looked quiet excited for his new show, said that he has always wanted to do what people think he cannot and the show has given him a chance to do something big in the field of fashion, which he has never done before.

“I am a hero from last 29 years. I became famous as an actor, as a star then as a MP but in the last 29 years it has never happened that Govinda has done something in Fashion. People use to say that he can’t be an actor but I became one, then people use to say that he cant be a star but It happened, then people use to say that he cant be a politician but I did even that,” Govinda said.

“Now for fashion also people are saying that he can do every thing but not this. So then I thought since they have come to me I should do something so big that has never been done before in the field of Fashion,” he added.

The show, which is produced by P. S. Tulasidas and has Govinda on board, promises to be high on entertainment. (ANI)


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