Simon Cowell has reportedly told Cheryl Cole that it is “unlikely” she will be named as a judge on the US X Factor.

However, the angst-ridden TV boss has told the distraught singer – who is virtually unknown in America – that he is struggling to persuade TV bosses she is the right choice.

Cowell broke the news to her this week, but assured her he was still doing all he could, possibly finding her a lesser role on the show

“She was very upset. But all he kept saying was, ‘Please leave it with me’,” the Mirror quoted a source as saying.

“He adores Cheryl and doesn’t want to let her down, but is under enormous pressure to get the right line-up to attract viewing figures up to the 30 million mark,” the source said.

Aides close to the singer said last night: “She just wants to know the truth instead of being used as a pawn to get publicity for the show. It’s not fair.”

“Cheryl has been pinning all her future on this job coming off,” a friend said.

“She is devastated that things look like they’re not going to work out. She feels she will look stupid and it will be humiliating.

“She really hoped she could do X Factor alongside Simon, which would launch her in the States and give her music career a chance there too. Now everything is up in the air,” the friend added. (ANI)


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