Cheryl Cole is determined to move to America even if she doesn’t get the US ‘X Factor’ job, according to a source.

And the singer, who is currently in Los Angeles making final preparations to release her debut album ‘Stateside’, has reportedly vowed to crack the US market regardless of whether she gets the reality show or not.

“Cheryl’s going to make the move to the States whether she gets the X Factor job or not,” the Daily Star quoted a source as saying.

“Simon Cowell is still leaving her hanging and has told her that while she’s in the final few, they still haven’t made a decision and can’t tell her ­anything just yet.

“But while she’s been in LA she decided whatever happens this is her best chance to crack America.

“Cheryl’s had a string of meetings with Universal about releasing her first album there later on this year.

“The final touches of this deal are being tied up in the next couple of days and she’s decided to move to the US and put her heart and soul into becoming a solo star.

“She’s got some amazing backing behind her including Rihanna, who wants to duet with her.

“ and some of Lady Gaga’s producers have also been in talks about working with her and Simon has offered to help as much as he can,” the source added.

Recent reports suggest Cole will miss out on a judging spot on the US reality show because she is too much of an unknown.

But whatever happens she believes this is her best shot at making a name for herself across the pond. (ANI)


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