Charlie Sheen has gone from online sensation to online denigration after his most awaited bizarre new internet TV show disappointed 1.8 million viewers yesterday.

As many as 60,000 people viewers piled on to Sheen’s Ustream site in anticipation of the show Sheen’s Korner, reports

Ten minutes before the broadcast and the numbers watching grew by something like 100 every second, all glued to a camera pointing at nothing and punctuated by the occasional bump or moving shadow in the increasingly familiar Sheen household.

By the time the 45-year-old actor took to the screen there were more than 100,000 people to witness his big opening act, tearing off a bandage on his wrist revealing a tattoo of the word “WINNING”- his new world famous mantra.

Despite such promising beginnings it appears the actor peaked too early.

After a largely senseless chatter between himself and what appeared to be a random selection of his entourage – including one of his so-called Angels – the group on camera ended up being reduced to chanting “Winning! Winning! Winning!” over and over.

It was not long before the peak of 115,000 viewers early on started to taper off as bored viewers abandoned the show.

At the same time the Twitter feed, which was so bombarded it was almost impossible to read each tweet, started to get a little negative. Sheen had committed the unforgivable showbiz sin of going from crazy and entertaining to crazy and boring.

Afterwards film director Judd Apatow – the man behind hits such as Knocked Up – was lethal in his assessment: “@charliesheen going from a hugely successful show which pays you millions to a free podcast might not be ‘winning’. Depends on definition.”

Entertainment website Crave Online described the 45 minute show as “a spectacle of disturbing and toxic proportions, sending the latest pop-culture craze deep into tragically sad territory”. (ANI)


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