Science-fiction fans have another reason to rejoice this summer. Steven Spielberg produced ‘Falling Skies’ is making it way soon. The first trailer was released online yesterday and has been subjected to mixed reviews.

Written by Robert Rodat, Falling Skies stars Maxim Knight, Mpho Koaho, Drew Roy, Moon Bloodgood, Noah Wyle and Colin Cunningham. From the trailer, TNT’s epic television series looks nothing less than an action blockbuster. To summarize the storyline, the earth’s rightful inhabitants fight against alien invasion. The leader of the soldiers is Wyle, who essays the role of an aged college professor. Bloodgood plays a therapist who helps children cope up with the trauma. Geychelle Gabriel is the teenager who has been orphaned and is now aiding in the running of the community. Will Patton leads the resistant soldiers.

The trailer begins with the narration of a little child and how he perceived the alien attack. His paintings form the base of the story and he gives us a hint how dangerous it was. The next few seconds we see nothing but flying space-ships, blasts and firings.

The trailer, however, does give us a sense of déjà vu. We are reminded of War of the Worlds and District 9 constantly. This series by DreamWorks Television might be different in offering us a similar story with unusual depth and handling of the subject matter with its high production quality.

We have to wait till June 2011 for the series to kick off.


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