Britney Spears’ struggle with drug addiction was the inspiration behind Gwyneth Paltrow’s washed-up alcoholic singer character in ‘Country Strong’.

Writer and director Shana Feste revealed that she used the 29-year-old pop star’s fall from grace as a jumping off point for the film.

“You see a lot of these themes in real life, while I was writing the script a lot of those things that were happening with Britney Spears were very public,” Fox News quoted Feste as saying.

“She was shaving her head, and I saw how fixated we are as a society in building people up to see their downfall and then the pleasure we take in building them up again.

“Right when I finished the script, Michael Jackson had just passed away so it felt like it was a very timely story just borrowing from what I had seen in the media,” Feste said.

In the film Paltrow play Kelly Cantor, a self-destructive, alcohol-addicted music superstar. (ANI)


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