Saturday night was celebration time for Sony, which is all set to get two of its popular shows ‘Boogie Woogie’ and ‘Comedy Circus Ke Superstars’ on air. The two shows officially took off with a launch party held at the Westin Mumbai Garden City and the occasion saw prominent personalities like Javed Jaffery, Naved Jaffery, Ravi Behl, Archana Puran Singh, and the Comedy Circus bandwagon which surprisingly also included names like Raju Shrivastava and Sunil Pal, since they are to be a part of ‘Comedy Circus Ke Superstars’. Both Raju and Sunil had been away from the platform of standup comedy on television and will be seen in a comeback mode with the show.

The Boogie Woogie team managed to create the perfect mood for celebration with the trio of Javed, Naved, and Ravi, at their entertaining best and some rocking performances by little kids, followed by an excellent performance by a group. Speaking about the show, Javed said “I don’t think we would have been able to make it for 15 years without the support and love we gained from the audiences and the connectivity we have been able to establish with the audiences. Which is maybe also because of the fact that they know that Boogie Woogie is an honest show and there is a level of trust our audiences have on us. And it can be seen in the fact that people don’t mind allowing their daughters, their wives to participate on the show because of that trust .They know that we would never opt for sensationalism and that our intention has always been an honest one.”

Boogie Woogie has managed to sustain its popularity for a commendable period of 15 years and its popularity amongst the audiences has not suffered, which can be said to be a rare phenomenon in the Television scenario.

There were also some stand-up comedy acts performed by Comedy Circus participants which included Sunil Pal doing the drunk man act with partner Priya Marathe and Rajiv playing the fool with little Saloni at her vivacious best.

As reported earlier by TellyCafe, Boogie Woogie Kids Championship is set to go on air on May 19th at 09:00 pm and this season will also see Javed Jafferey performing on the famous number ‘I am Mumbai’ from ‘Bombay Boys’, whereas Comedy Circus Ke Superstars will set out on May 22nd 09:00pm and will see new jodis challenging the champions of comedy with both teams performing in the episode. The Champion pairs include Krushna-Sudesh, Swapnil Joshi-Ali and Saloni-Rajiv, while ‘Challengers’ include Natasha (Siya)- Kapil, Priya Marathe- Sunil, Suraj Thappar-Vip and Bharti Paresh. Archana and Rohit continue to judge the show with Surveen Chawla coming in as the host.


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