Now that Dhobi Ghathas made its way to the theaters, we are all look forward to Aamir Khan’s next film. Not very long time ago it was reported that Aamir Khan will be a part of a huge period film being planned by Danny Boyle. It is being dubbed as an East-West collaboration like none before.

Anurag Kashyap clears all rumors that Shah Rukh Khan was never approached for the film. Both Danny and Anurag had their eyes on Aamir from the very beginning. They are hoping that Aamir will like the script and agree to be a part of the film. But if Aamir Khan does not come on board, they will look for other options. Kashyap added that Shah Rukh Khan is definitely not an option for Bombay Velvet.

For the last ten months Kashyap has been running around with the script and now the script has been finalized. He said that once the casting of the lead actors are done, they will fix the rest of the cast. Kashyap is of the opinion that Aamir has the depth and intensity to carry Bombay Velvet in his shoulders alone.

Aamir Khan will play the solo lead in Bombay Velvet, a film set in the 1960s. According to reports, Studio 18 might come on board as producers. Danny Boyle is not going to leave any stones unturned for making this period film look real. Once he is done with Oscars for his film 127 hours, he will get back with the preparations for Bombay velvet. The Twilight Players, seen in Dev D will be a part of the film too.

–Sampurn Wire


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