Bollywood stars have been quite liberal in their movies these days with a lot of abusive language and cuss words being used by top leading stars as if it was something as natural as night and day.

There are recent Bollywood films like KamineyYeh Saali ZindagiNo One Killed Jessica just to name a few where so many cuss words have been used by protagonists as if there was nothing as entertaining as these in our films.

Yet when it comes to analyzing these very movies where quite a lot of noticeable such words or phrases are used it seems almost strange that despite these very bold dialogues littered with such words these movies have done considerably well at the box office.

This goes on to say to a certain extent that probably the modern Indian audiences are quite comfortable with this language.

Now does that mean that certain cuss words have entered into the daily dialect of our society and somewhere down the line there is very little left to draw the line between what is considered to be acceptable and what not acceptable in our daily language? Or is it a fact that these days foul language is used to such an extent that people really have forgotten what the difference between good and bad language is?

Well, considering the fact that to make a point clear people do swear here and there on a daily basis, but if movies with such bold language is the norm of the day then perhaps there will come a time and date when these words will not be called abusive or cuss words anymore.

Thus it is only time that will tell whether using these abusive words and phrases will the trend be here to stay  in our films or will it still be an exception?

– Niky Sharma / Sampurn Wire


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