The colour version of Hum Dono, in which Dev Anand had entertained his fans in a double role opposite Nanda and Sadhna, will be on screen in India on February 4. But worldwide, the movie releases even before it releases here – on January 28 – (what an irony!) The movie, whose super hit songs, including Main Zindagi Ka Saath – with Dev Anand smoking casually in it, Abhi Na Jao Chod Kar, Allah Tero Naam, etc, are still hummed by people, is expected to receive a good reception by the people in its new avatar.

It is a landmark for the film industry as this was the last Navketan films which was made in black and white, and is now being coloured. Not only had Dev Anand acted in it, but had also produced it successfully. The 87 year old actor is no doubt excited about the release. He says that movies like this one are not just memorable because of their presence or absence of colours but because cinema in it self is touching to audiences.

The man who has added colour to the film – Barry Sandrew, believes he the movie has been added a lot of value and people will enjoy the experience. We don’t doubt it, given that it hits brings back memories of days spent 50 years back.


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